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‘I often dream of running, but then I wake up …’
‘Oh sweetie, come over here … never stop running!’

Let me introduce myself. I’m Marcel Kanters, 47 years old and living in the Netherlands. In 2013 I was diagnosed with the progressive variant of multiple sclerosis. Since then my health has been rapidly deteriorating. Because I always had a very active lifestyle, I ran marathons and cycled every day, the consequences are painfully visible. I can hardly walk more than 300 meters, while cycling without support is almost impossible. This means that me and my family became more limited in what we can do.

Therefore, I have explored the possibilities of stem cell therapy. This is already a well-known treatment for cancer patients, but for MS it’s still somewhat in its infancy. Stem cell therapy means that your immune system is fully degraded by heavy chemotherapy, after which it will be completely rebuilt. This means the multiple sclerosis stays at the level of the moment and will not deteriorate any further.

The major risks of this treatment is that the associated heavy chemotherapy not only stops my MS, but also breaks down all the antibodies in my body. So after the treatment it will take some time to live a somewhat normal life.

Obviously this is a drastic decision for us, but in our eyes also the last straw we can grab. My treatment is now scheduled for the second week of November in Mexico. The downside of all of this is that the Dutch neurologists and especially the health insurance companies do not recognize stem cell therapy for MS as an official method of treatment. This means that we have to finance the entire treatment (and after treatment) ourselves. All in all the costs are around € 70,000. Unfortunately, we don’t have this amount of money. That’s why we hope to raise the money through crowdfunding.

My family and I hope for your support. You can use the ‘Doneer’ button on this page.
If we raise more than 70.000 euro we will use the remaining amount of money to help finance other patients who opt for stem cell therapy.

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never stop running

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